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Electrical Services

One of the founding strengths of KER Group is in the area of Electrical Installations and Repairs. Our qualified team of electrical contractors complete engineering works from installation, backup and repair for the onshore and offshore commercial industries in Ireland.


What We Do

KER Groups electrical contractors carry out electrical works including onshore and offshore electrical services from small jobs involving the troubleshooting, repair of simple on/off circuits for small motors including PAT Testing to complete design, layout, installation and commissioning of complex switchboard and MCC switchgear.

For on shore work if you are connected to the major electricity providers such as the ESB, Electric Ireland, or SSE Airtricity we do all commercial electrical work.

For new installations, we discuss the needs of the client, apply design criteria, do the layout (CAD Drawings, etc), order the components, wire, and do the installation to the relevant Electrical Codes

Some of the electrical services we offer

Pat Testing


Fire Alarm Systems


Electronic Engineering


Emergency Lighting Systems


UPS Systems


Lighting & General Services


Control Testing


CCTV Monitoring Systems


Quick turnaround with repairs and parts


If it is a repair that is needed, KER Groups electrical engineers assess the scope of the damage, order the replacement parts, and do the necessary repairs to put the system back into proper operation. We can provide maintenance, service and supply parts at short notice.



Maintenance and Inspections

Electrical accidents, equipment failure, and downtime are often the result of inadequate maintenance or inspection practices. When a commercial or industrial business implements a good maintenance routine it can be extremely beneficial in order to maintain profits and minimize costs as a result of outages.

KER can offer maintenance contracts for all your electrical equipment or develop a preventative maintenance schedule for your own team to perform. We will inspect all your electrical components and diagnose potential threats before the situation becomes critical. Our maintenance programme is tailored to suit our customers’ individual needs depending on their sector and industry.


Irish sectors we work with

KER Group carry out electrical contracting works for the following sectors throughout the Republic of Ireland:


Our team provide electrical services to the onshore and offshore marine sectors including the fishing industry and to oil and gas providers in Ireland. The KER Group marine electrical contractors have years of experience in carrying out electrical works for fishing vessels and repairing electronic circuits in refrigeration and fish handling equipment.

Call 00353 (0)74 9731525 for a quote for marine electrical services.



Irish commercial sectors often require our team to carry out electrical operations ranging from electronics, generators UPS systems, security and fire equipment to lighting systems. We service the retailhospitality and industrial sectors across Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Why choose us as your electrical contractors?

We have a team of fully qualified, RECI and Safe Electric approved technicians and electrical engineers who have years of experience in onshore and offshore electrical engineering.




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