Product Automation


Client:                                           Oilean Glas Teoranta

Oilean Glas Teoranta based in Kilcar, Co.Donegal



Client wanted his current process automated. (Production of dried seaweed product)

Project Details: 

Designed a PLC system that would monitor system paramaters such as relative humidit  and temp. of the exhaust air stream being discharged from the drier. The PLC is designed to maintain the optimum moisture content in the product by controlling the in-feed flow, bed control and the drier.


With the manually controlled system, the end product moisture content was known to vary depending on the operator, moisture content of the feedstock and other factors. The data gathered by the newly designed system can be analysed and set to cotrol the rate of feedstock into the drier to maintain the optimum moisture level in the end product.

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