LV & HV Switchgear



At KER Group we are concerned primarily with safety. Most electrical related accidents are caused by unexpected contact with live components. To minimize the risks, a Switchgear used both to de-energize equipment to allow work to be done and to clear faults downstream.




HV Switchgear

What does switchgear mean?


The term switchgear, used in association with the electric power system, or grid, refers to the combination of electrical disconnects, fuses and/or circuit breakers used to isolate electrical equipment.

The enclosure is built up with individual compartments (the instrument compartment, the busbar compartment, the circuit-breaker compartment, the cable compartment). All the compartments are separated from each other by earthed metal partitions. Work can be carried out in one compartment without any risk of accidental contact with live components in the others.



What we offer

We provide our customers with high-quality robust electrical switchgear and efficient backup services for industrial power applications. Our tailor-made electrical switchgear solutions are custom built according to your unique specifications.

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