Design, Manufacture & Installation of Process/Motor Control Systems


Process Control is an engineering discipline that deals with mechanisms for controlling the output of a specific process.

KER GROUP can design manufacture and install any system of this nature to suit your particular business or application.


There are three main forms that process control systems take:

  • DISCRETE – This type of system is found primarily in manufacturing, motion and packing applications. Robotic assembly, such as that found in automotive production, can be characterized as discrete process control.Discrete operations in can include tasks such as packaging, product movement, and air compression. These discrete operations typically are controlled and monitored by machines based on parameters such as presence, motion, and speed. Machines typically have been controlled by PLCs and custom-built controllers. Many machines also use PC-based control systems.
  • BATCH – Some applications require that specific quantities of raw materials be combined in specific ways for particular durations to produce an intermediate or end result. Process operations include mixing, distilling, cooking, and other activities. These operations are monitored and controlled based on variables such as flow, temperature, pressure, and level.
  • CONTINUOUS – Often, a physical system is represented though variables that are smooth and uninterrupted in time. The control of the water temperature in a heating jacket, for example, is an example of continuous process control. Some important continuous processes are the production of fuels, chemicals and plastics. Continuous processes, in manufacturing, are used to produce very large quantities of product per year.


Machine Shutdown

Differences between process and machine control caused digital network standards to be created for each. Chief among them is that machine safety systems have simpler shutdown and recovery requirements.

When something goes wrong with a machine, usually it’s sufficient to shut down the entire machine immediately. Recovery typically consists of locating the fault, correcting the problem that caused the fault, and restarting the machine.

Because of simple shutdown requirements, many machine safety systems only require a few discrete contact inputs hardwired in series to a safety relay that stops machine operation


Our technicians and mechanics offer a specialized service in troubleshooting and repairing instruments and instrumentation systems.

In addition to this we can offer advice with any area that deals with measurement and control in order to increase efficiency and safety in the workplace.


Our services include:

  • Installation of electrical equipment and wiring systems.
  • Maintenance of motors and motor control systems
  • Installation of measurement and control equipment in all types of industry.
  • Maintenance of the instrumentation equipment in all types of industry.
  • Sales of instrumentation equipment.


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