Pat Testing


The electrical acceptance testing and commissioning of electric power systems is essential to the start up of any electrical system for the first time, regardless of its size, type or industry.

KER Group can provide this specialised service to exacting standards.



Our testing capability covers an extensive range including

Cable installations1kV and 5kV Insulation tests

  • DC pressure tests up to 33kV
  • VLF cable testing


  • HV & LV winding Insulation tests
  • Winding ratio checks
  • Bucholz testing
  • Oil sample and testing (electrical breakdown, acidity, water & PCB content, Dissolved gas analysis)

Switchgearlt and ht distribution

  • AC pressure testing
  • Ductor testing
  • CT’s – Ratio & flick tests, Mag curves
  • VT’s – Ratio & polarity checks
  • Functionality checks
  • Protection testing


  • Primary and secondary injection
  • Timing tests
  • Overcurrent and earth fault relays
  • Directional Overcurrent and earth fault relays
  • Differential transformer protection
  • Restricted and standby earth fault relays
  • Neutral voltage displacement
  • Transformer auto tapping relays
  • Intertripping schemes


  • Soil resistivity measurements
  • Final earth electrode resistance


For testing and commissioning enquiries

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